WordPress Website Design & Development

So you’re thinking about investing in a brand new website for your business

You’ve probably heard of WordPress, but aren’t 100% sure what it is or whether you should use it as a platform for your website?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that can be used for your website. It controls the theme, page structure, content and functionality for your site. 

Is WordPress Suitable for my online requirements?

YES!! WordPress is so flexible that it can be used for almost any website project. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, large business, an individual, a freelancer or a charity, WordPress is suitable for all and the learning curve for users is tiny.

Woman asking "What is WordPress?"

WordPress is User-Friendly

When you have a new website created, you need to consider how the website is going to be updated with content in the future. WordPress makes this easier than ever! Simple content changes can be done by anyone – even if you aren’t a geek like me.

Old couple updating their WordPress website

Should I use WordPress?

If you’re planning to have a new website for your business, consider using WordPress.
It’s fast, reliable, robust & secure. Who doesn’t want that?!
Continue reading to find out more reasons to use WordPress.

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Why should I choose WordPress, over something else?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world, and because of that, there are millions of developers & designers around the globe who have extended the functionality of WordPress with free plugins and themes. If you need a new piece of functionality added to your site, you can be sure that someone has created a fully-customisable plugin that will make adding that functionality a breeze. WordPress is unmatched when it comes to customisability and extensibility. Also, if you ever have issues with your website it’s really easy to find a Developer (like me) who can assist you.

My strategy & design process.



I start by understanding your functional and non-functional requirements.


Research & Strategy

I will research into your business’ industry, find trends and see how competitors do things.


Initial Draft

Provide you with an initial draft, this is the first milestone. Typically at the stage the colours, fonts and page layouts are in place.



I will discuss with you, your initial thoughts and make any minor changes if necessary. 



You provide content for the entire site, I will place content in the appropriate places in preparation for the final milestone.


Delivery & Support

Upon final inspection, the website is approved and ready for launch. 

New Websites Come with FREE cloud hosting & Emails